Have you thought about getting a manicure when you’re in Evergreen, Colorado? Diamond Nails and Spa is a good place to look into to get this done. Diamond Nails and Spa uses new files and other tools on your nails and hands and do not reuse anything that cannot be sterilized, so you get a clean manicure that you will feel good about.

Diamond Nails and Spa uses reflexology charts to massage your hands accordingly. We also trim hangnails and cuticles as needed. Also you can get a paraffin treatment and sea salt and cooling sea gel soaks. We use a warming hand mask for your skin as well. Hot stones are used as part of the Diamond Manicure Deluxe package. If you choose this package, you can also choose what nail polish you want once this is done.

The Gold Manicure package includes the following: Sea salt and warm towels and a cooling sea lotion. This includes a hand massage guided by a reflexology chart to increase circulation. This is also followed by a choice of nail polish.

You can get a French manicure by having your nails shaped oval, round or square and nail gel put on this and shaped to your preference. They can apply white nail polish or use nail gel that is white for the shaped ends. The regular part of the nail that resides on your nail bed on your finger will most often be a neutral color.

A regular manicure normally consists of basics like soaking in water to soften dead and skin and dry nails. This can often involve a hand massage. We buff your nails and/or apply nail polish too. Also your nails and cuticles are clipped as needed.

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Paraffin treatments involve an alkaline (opposite of acidic) soak in warm paraffin, a waxy substance to hydrate your skin. Usually the paraffin treatment consists of soaking your hands in the paraffin wax for a time and then you would have your hands wrapped in a towel for a bit to let the moisture soak in before they remove the paraffin and the towel.

You can get these treatments done conveniently at Diamond Nails and Spa in Evergreen Colorado.